Two days in Rio. First day program

The first day we start early to get to the Corcovado Hill and Christ the Redeemer as early as possible, avoid crowds and have an easy start of the day. On the way back to the city we stop at the Dona Marta outlook, which normally is quite empty, gives great perspective over Rio and is a perfect spot for taking photos. Then driving through Santa Teresa we make several stops to talk about favelas and famous residents and visit stores with unique souvenirs made by local artists. And after that we go down to the city center where the main history is "hidden" between tall buildings and narrow streets. Rio`s city center is full of interesting places unknown to many tourists. We will visit square at the Municipal Theater, St.Sebastian`s Cathedral, Selaron stairs, XV Square and the First emperor's palace, Saint Benedict's Monastery, Ethnicities mural and if it's a weekday we will make a stop at the Royal Portuguese Reading Room and the Colombo coffee house. By the end of the day you`ll have quite a good understanding of Brazilian history, favelas, political situation in the country,  transformations of Rio throughout the years, religion and local culture.
The tour takes 8 hours.

There’ll be a lunch break during this tour.
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