One day in Rio

On this tour you will visit the most important locations of Rio de Janeiro. Through Tijuca forest we will get to the top of Corcovado hill, the 360 lookout over the Marvelous city, where Christ the Redeemer monument, one of The 7 New Wonders of the World,  is located. After that we will go up the Sugar loaf hill by cable car and see Rio as if it sits on the palms of our hands. The next stop is the colorful Selaron stairs, made of tiles by chilean artist. And we will finish our tour in, probably, one of the most unique Cathedrals in the world - The Metropolitan Cathedral of St Sebastian. During this tour you will see Rio from the top and you will feel it on the ground. You will find out about its foundation, history, geography, religions, interesting personalities and movements that made this city.  A MUST-DO for short stay tourists.
The tour takes 8 hours.

There’ll be a lunch break during this tour.

Extended version

Imagine the tour gastronomy experience in one of the traditional restaurants* of the city where you will try national dishes and drinks for lunch. We will also visit artistic Santa Teresa and meet some local artists in their galleries plus discover a little bit more about brazilian street art. And to make your day complete, we will dive into samba or bossa nova** performance in one of the local bars of Lapa or during street music performance in the city center. 
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