Historical city center

Historical city center 4 hours 
This tour always starts at the Cinelandia square, where the beginning of the XX century in Rio is most evident. Then we continue to the Selaron stairs passing Arches of Lapa and some graffities on the way. The next stop is St. Sebastian`s Cathedral and the Petrobras headquarters, probably two most controversial buildings in Rio. Here we will understand better architecture of the second half of the XX century and city`s concept.  Rio`s downtown is full of surprises. One of them is the Royal Portuguese Reading Room, another - Colombo coffee house. The architecture and preservation of these places will amuse you for sure.

Historical city center 6 hours 
This is basically the extended 4-hour tour. During this 6-hours tour we add Santa Teresa to the main route and ride a well known yellow tram up the arches of Lapa and around the neighborhood, make a stop and walk around to get familiar with the most interesting location of the hill.

Historical city center 8 hours 
The 6 hours tour continues to XV Square where you`ll get to know the Empire`s period of time and walk along narrow streets of old Rio. Here we talk about slavery, religion and How Rio used to be. One of the most impressive stops during this tour is St. Benedict's Monastery’s church of the 16th-17th centuries. And, of course, during this part of the tour we see the contrast between the "old Rio'' and the "new Rio". The port area, transformed into the Olympic Boulevard with new buildings, Museum of tomorrow and Ethnicities mural and other graffities. 
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